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FulGaz for Cycling BC Members

Cycling Canada has recently announced a new partnership with virtual cycling app FulGaz to provide provincial affiliates and their members with the opportunity to keep riding, training and racing.

FulGaz offers hundreds of outdoor rides, including the Alpe D’huez in France, Bear Mountain Canada Cup, and the Whistler Gran Fondo, and allows you to enjoy them indoors on your trainer. There are over 800 rides with many all of their newest videos available in stunning 4K quality.

FulGaz is offering a free 4-week trial to all Cycling BC/Cycling Canada members when you use promo code: 20cyccantwenty during registration. Any members who decide to join FulGaz prior to May 15th will also receive a 20% discount off their ongoing subscription fee (use promo code: 496can799h at checkout).

Cycling Canada and FulGaz will be working together to offer exclusive member content including,

  • Training Sessions: Join Cycling Canada coaches and athletes for customized training sessions
  • Rider Challenges: Challenge yourself against some of Canada’s best riders
  • Races: New and exciting races from places around Canada and across the world
  • Domestic Training Opportunities: Select Canadian Championship racecourses
  • Upload your favourite routes: Members can upload their favourite rides to the app. Learn more.

To learn more about the FulGaz app, please visit the FulGaz website and Youtube Channel for additional information.


Cycling BC/Cycling Canada members who are already subscribed to FulGaz will be able to join the Cycling Canada members-only group on the site.