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Endurance Camp: Day 3

Learning how to look through those corners

Today we wrapped up the camp with a skills session led by DH coach and C4 training Coach, Cory Leclerc, working on our cornering, bunny hops and wheelies out in the fields.  We then went out for a VERY quick spin on Tucker’s trail putting our cornering to the test and seeing what we had left in our legs.


IMG_9268We had a great a big lunch and lined up the tables, a last supper!  We spent the afternoon up by Quest University practicing our corners in some high speed, off camber, race like settings.  It was a much more mellow day, with the focus being on our technical skills and our recovery.  After our session with Cory we did  Foundations training workshop, working on strengthening and stretching some of the muscles used on cycling and learned how to use a foam roller – there were a lot of groans!


Just finished and epic three day camp, I wasn’t able to make it to the first day but these last two have been awesome. It’s been hard work, and everything is sore, however I’ve learnt a huge amount in technique, recovery, and keeping the body happy. It’s definitely interesting being the only girl at the camp, but the guys keep me working hard, and help me push my mental limits. Really enjoyed having the recovery sessions with a physiotherapist, and chiropractor; they both had some sweet tips to help with our riding. Having Cory, the C4 coach, come out and help us was awesome and very helpful. Being able to cross over skills from DH to XC is a very important skill, and something I would like to improve on. Huge thanks to everybody who made this possible; it is deeply appreciated.

– Jennifer McTavish


Just finished the 150km of riding throughout the 3 day camp. Overall I thought the camp was amazing! We worked on tons of endurance, skills, and stretching. I could see a noticeable difference in everyone’s skills from before and after. I thought it was really awesome to have food ready to go for us. It makes things much more efficient – meaning more time training! I also found it really beneficial to have experiences riders to follow and learn from like Ricky Fererau and Quinn Moberg. Cory also did a great job of honing in skills to work on out on the trails. Thanks to all of Team BC’s sponsors, and the coaches for making development camps like this one possible. It’s been great  learning and riding with the Team.

– Rhys Verner


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this camp possible.  We’ve had some incredible weather this June, allowing us to get some crucial training in close to home and much sooner than anticipated – we’re looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us!

Rolling out the legs
Rolling out the legs