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MTB Camp #2 – Day 2

Climbing on

Today was a pretty eventful second day of camp in Squamish. We woke up to snow in the valley that continued to fall all day, making the trails pretty interesting for us. We started the day heading up to Quest to do some intervals on Legacy Trail and Pseudo Tsuga. The climb was fine but a bit slippery. The descent  was where it was the most challenging.  The snow was quite deep up top and you really had to focus.   It was a hard day but I look forward to the next days.  Thank you too all the sponsors and supporters for keeping us out there on our bikes.

– Mahon Lamont

Some snowy starts


How it all works
How it all works

Today we went to the Bikeroom in North Vancouver and spent the day learning about suspension, I’ve never serviced my fork so thoroughly! It was great to take everything apart and actually see how all the parts work. As a downhill racer it’s always important to have your suspension working efficiently. I took away a lot of info today and am excited to put it to use in the future!  Thank you for all your support.

-Nik Dunn

Draining the oil
Draining the oil