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MTB California Training Camp

Sycamore Canyon Group shot
Sycamore Canyon Group shot

Yesterday we did a Zone 1 cool down ride in the Sycamore Canyon. Having raced this weekend we wanted to get on the bike and explore some riding areas. The riding there was awesome and everyone had a good time. In the area there is rattlesnake signs everywhere but you always think you wont see any right? Well we had two close encounters with them and also learned that Quinn is deathly terrified of them.

The house we rented is at lake arrowhead, which is up at 5600ft so today we decided to do some altitude training. We did twelve two minute intervals which at sea level is still a hard workout but you could definitely notice the difference in oxygen levels and made the workout extra hard. So far this camp is going really well with awesome rides and having fun with the team.  Thank you to everyone who makes training camps like this possible.

-Luke Di Marzo

Morning Interval training

So far this camp has been great! The first weekend of racing that we did as a team was at Boneli Park. For most of us this was the first race of the season ad we didn’t no what to expect. It was a very hard day of racing but I was very excited to get the season underway. It takes a lot of weight of my chest to be confident about my training and get that first race over with. Throughout the rest of the week the plan is to get some training in and just enjoy or time here. We are all trying to better our performances at Fontana for the next race.

-Rhys Verner

A sunset AM ride
A sunset AM ride

Day  6 of the warm weather trip started out early with some road sprints which proved to be a challenge. Uphill sprints are tough and great training when your 5700 feet above the ocean. After that we had a long recovery followed by an afternoon ride. We rode a 10 mile AM trail that started in the snow, it was unlike any other riding I’ve done before. Easily one of the best days of riding I have ever had. Thanks to all the sponsors, supporters and  Cycling BC for the experience.

– Jack Almond