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Cycling BC Sweeps the DH Canada Cup Podium

Jack Almond, Jack Iles, Nik Dunn sweeping the Canada cup DH podium in Tremblant

Today was race day, the day where we put it all on the line to get the title of number one. The day started out with a relaxing morning with practice going from 10:30 – 11:30.  I was able to get two solid runs in on the beat out muddy track. By race time the track had just gotten worse, I had a tough race run with a few mistakes but once at the bottom I was in the hot seat with four riders left. I held that spot until the last rider Jack Iles came down with a clean run taking the first spot. This was my fist race in a different time zone and I am happy to say I came second, an added bonus was the fact that the top three spots in Junior Ex. where held by Cycling BC, this shows the dominance of Cycling BC and west coast riders as a whole. I want to thank Cycling BC and all their sponsors and supporters for the opportunity to travel to these races that I normally could not do on my own.

– Jack Almond

Nik Dunn coming in hot to the last section before the finish line
Nik Dunn coming in hot to the last section before the finish line

This weekend was the first Canada cup of the year in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. We arrived in the mid- afternoon of Friday and went up for track walk on the DH course. On Saturday it poured most of the day, which caused the course to turn to slop. I did 4 runs on the course, feeling ok going into race day. Sunday (race day) the weather had cleared up and it was shaping up to look like a pretty solid day. I went up to do a few laps on the course at around 10:30. The course was destroyed, there was a river flowing down most of the trail and there were holes everywhere.  I finished first place in junior; my teammates, Jack Almond and Nik Dunn finished second and third! Big thanks to Cycling BC and all their sponsors and supporters this weekend for helping me out greatly!

–Jack Iles

All smiles after their race runs today. Congrats boys!

Today was race day here in Quebec, and we finally got a break in the weather! Although the weather was finally nice, the ground was already over saturated, resulting in pooling water and massive ruts throughout the course. Even though the dirt had the consistency of peanut butter I managed to put together an okay run, leading me to a third place finish. It was awesome to sweep the podium with the rest of the Cycling BC  team, Jack Iles on the top, with Jack Almond in second. I would like to thank everyone who helped make this trip a possibility for us, it turned out great and I am excited for the rest of the summer!

-Nik Dunn