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Echelon Race League Amateur Race Series

Register today for the Virtual Echelon Racing Series and get your 2021 season underway!

Riders of all levels can participate and find competition at their level through the Echelon Race League Amateur Series events.  We offer Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 and Cat 4 races for both Men and Women the opportunity to compete against riders from North America and across the globe, with races taking place on in-real-life roads!

Echelon Racing Promotions and the Project Echelon Racing Team are working with Cycling BC to promote the Echelon Racing League Amateur Series on RGT Cycling. Serving as a conduit to strengthen the overall cycling community in North America, the league brings virtual and in-real-life riders and racers together to ride on real roads. Furthermore, the league has been designed to enhance the reach, influence, impact, and connectedness of riders, teams, race promoters and the governing bodies in North America as a means to grow the sport of cycling through an innovative, sustainable, and scalable model.

Exciting opportunities await participants, including event live streams, Echelon Racing League partner promotions, discounted in-real-life race entries, and more. Riders in the Cat 1 fields can also earn a wildcard invitation to the Pro races by placing amongst the top 10 amateurs!

The events will be held on the RGT Cycling virtual platform, which is free to use with a basic account, limiting the barriers to entry. Races will also be broadcast by ZMS Livestream!

We invite you and your team to join this exciting new offering series and to #GoBeyond with the Echelon Racing Amateur Series.

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