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Americas Masters Games


Jun. 27, 2016 - Jun. 29, 2016

Event Information

There will be three cycling disciplines for competition at the 2016 America’s Masters Games – Vancouver.

The first day of competition will be a Time Trial event. This will be held on a 10.6km course with participants completing two laps, for a total distance of 21.2km.

The second day of competition will be a Road Race. This event will be held on the same 10.6km and there will be varying total distances across age categories, see below for details.

The last day of competition will be a Hill Climb at Cypress Mountain. The popular hill climb in Vancouver will have participants complete a 12km route at an average of 6% gradient.

For the most up-to-date information on this event, visit the event website here.

Time Trial

All athletes will complete two laps of the 10.6km course for a total race distance of 21.2km for all competing athletes. Current proposal is that first athlete will be released at 11:00AM and we expect the last athlete to be done by 2:30PM – 3:30PM, depending on the total number of participation.

A finalized start time list will be made available by the Registration Convention two days prior to the event date.


Road Race

At this time, the participation categories have been broken down into the following age brackets and corresponding distances on the 10.6km course:

Gender Age Category Distance Laps Start Time
Male 30 – 44 116.6 km 11 08:00 AM
Female 30 – 44 116.6 km 11 08:05 AM
Male 45 – 59 95.4 km 9 11:45 AM
Female 45 – 59 95.4 km 9 11:50 AM
Male 60+ 63.6 km 6 3:00 PM
Female 60+ 63.6 km 6 3:05 PM



Hill Climb

Participants will be broken down into similar age categories as the Road Race. Each category will be released 5:00 minutes apart from the start line, beginning at 11:00 AM. The event will start at the Cypress Mountain Road Gate at the bottom of the mountain and will finish in the Cross Country Ski Hill Parking Lot at the 12km mark.



Participation in the America’s Masters Games – Cycling Events require that all participants have a legal helmet and bicycle appropriate for the competition category. Time Trial bikes will only be allowed at the Time Trial competition. Otherwise, a road legal Road Bike must be used. The America’s Masters Games will not be allowing any modified or tandem bicycles on the event courses as will the use of Aero Bars not be allowed on the Road or Hill Climb courses.

Please be aware that these events will be organized on traffic controlled roadways where local and residential traffic flow might be found on the course. At the Hill Climb, a partial control of the roadway will be used for the majority of the event, but opposing direction traffic is likely.

Accommodation for your personal belongings will be made at all events with a Bag Check area available at the start lines. More information will be made available closer to the event date.

The America’s Masters Games will be releasing a comprehensive Technical Guide one month prior to the event start. Check back to this page for updated information. Please be advised that the course information might be adjusted closer to the date, but all distance and participation categories will remain consistent unless unexpected registration numbers occur.