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Applewood Valley GranFondo


June 9, 2024

Event Information

Eagle Acres Dairy Farm will once again host the start/finish line and post-race festival. Riders may choose from four distance options for their ride in 2024:

  • 120km GranFondo
  • 85km Medio Fondo
  • 50km PrestoFondo
  • 20km FamilyFondo

The Post Ride festival at Eagle Acres is the perfect place to celebrate your accomplishment with fellow cyclists, friends, family and supporters! Enjoy food, drinks, live music, vendors and farm animals!

Team Challenge

The Team Challenge will return in 2024. This challenge’s goal is to encourage community growth in cycling! Bring your family, bring your friends and bring your colleagues! You don’t need to be any sort of official group and you don’t need to all ride together. Just sign up together, train together (or don’t)…but celebrate together!

How It Works:
ANYONE can sign up as a team! We will have awesome prizes that only teams are eligible for, in addition to the usual Rider Swag. Teammates do not have to ride together or even in the same event distance

How Many People:
Teams must have a minimum of 5 registered riders. Bring everyone, there’s no maximum team number.

Who Is On The Team:
You do NOT have to be an existing club or group. We encourage any groups from cycling clubs to businesses to families and more to sign up as a team.

How To Register As A Team:
One person – the Team Captain- creates a Team Name. The Team Captain will get an email confirming the Team Name. All Team Members should register through the “Join A Team” link. Search for your team name, select your team and then complete your personal registration information.

Cost For a Team:
There is no additional fee for team registration. Each individual on the team pays their registration fee.

Awards And Prizes:
There will be no individual or age-group awards. All awards and prizes will be based on team categories! The awards are community-based and not time or results-based, so show your team spirit with matching shirts, a funny team name or a team cheer!


For more information, visit 2024 Applewood Valley GranFondo