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BC Cyclocross Championships


Nov. 18, 2018

Event Information


Victoria is pleased to host the 2018 Cyclocross (CX) Provincial Championships on Sunday, November 18th at Western Speedway presented by Broad Street Cycles and Shimano.

Bookending a weekend of bike racing on Vancouver Island, the 2018 CX Provincial Championships offers an opportunity to line up with the best in BC and vie for a championship jersey. As day two of a duo of race days at Western Speedway – Victoria’s perennial mudfest CX venue – the provincial championships on Sunday will offer an updated version of Saturday’s Cross on the Rock course. Come for the weekend and explore the gritty side of Victoria: mud, gravel, and grime on a motorsport racing track.

Battling it out for a provincial podium, racers will have the opportunity to compete in Youth, Junior, Elite and Masters categories throughout the day – a Cycling BC Provincial Race or UCI licence required.

Holding a Cycling BC Provincial Ride Licence, or still rolling as an unlicensed racer? Register for the Open Men and Open Women’s categories held that same day (One-day event licences will be available for ‘Open’ categories only).

The fight for a men’s and women’s singlespeed CX title will be one of the most closely watched on the day, with racers struggling through slop with only one gear.

All the event details will be available at www.broadstcycles.ca/2018-bc-c x-provincial-champs/

Tech guide: http://www.broadstcycles.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/CX-Provincials-Tech-Guide.pdf/

Call up order https://ccnbikes.com/#!/results/page/88-2018-cx-provincial-call-ups/

Cycling BC Cyclocross Provincial Championship Call-up procedure

1. Start grid make up
1.1 Start grid will be UCI compliant 8 riders wide.
1.2 Grid positions will be allocated to each region based on 2017 event participation numbers.
1.3 Grid position will then be assigned to riders based on their regional ranking.
1.4 3 spots on the first row of the grid will be reserved for 2017 Provincial Championship podium.

2. Rankings
2.1 Each region (Island, Lower Mainland & Interior) will be responsible for reporting their regional ranking to Cycling BC one week before the Provincial Championship race date.
2.2 Cycling BC will publish the start grid 48 hours before race start. Available on Cyclingbc.net, facebook etc.
2.3 The #1 ranked rider in each region will be assigned to top grid positions and so on.
2.4 Only riders competing in the upper most competitive categories will be included. In other words, only riders in Expert, A group, Elite, Master A etc are counted. For example, if you are a men’s master 30-39 but competing in novice, intermediate, or master B you will not be included and will be assigned a grid position at random at the back. On the other hand, a Cat 3 racer who races the whole season in Elite/Expert will earn their rank in the Elite category.
2.5 Masters 30-39 racers competing in the uppermost race categories will be assigned grid position based on their rank as it relates to other 30-39 racers. For example, if you are ranked 10th in LMCX, but riders ranked 1st through 9th are licensed elite/juniors etc, the you are effectively ranked 1st in 30-39 in your region.
2.6 If a rider is ranked in two or more series, the higher rank will be used. For example, if a rider is ranked 2nd in interior cross rankings but ranked 10th in LMCX, they will be assigned grid position ICX #2.
2.7 If a rider races in a category that is not their own as designated on their license they forfeit their call up position in their licensed category at Provincials. For example, if a master racer “races up” in Elite/Expert, they do not receive a grid position in masters.
2.7.1 An exception for call up rule 2.7 will be made for Junior and Youth racers racing up in Elite/Expert and earning a rank in the top 20% of riders
2.8 Riders from outside BC with no ranking are not assigned a start grid position.