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Island Cup XC: Hammerfest


Mar. 13, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Not wanting to upset the apple cart too much, this years XC race will be the usual HammerFest loamy run with a good bunch of roots thrown in for free. A few good descents and some fun climbs. A shorter lap distance of only 7.2 km was designed this year. (You can thank us after the race.)

As in previous years, registration will start at 10 am. in the Provincial Park. A rolling start from the registration/parking area with actual racing commencing at 12:00 noon on the gravel road near the Park maintenance compound.

Following the old road out of the Park, racers will drop into and through the gravel pit to take a right hand branch road to the Pit2Pit trail. This dumps you out onto another road that you cross onto more trails that lead to Just Groovy. Crossing over a small bridge, hang a left onto
Barf Bag. A right connector brings you to another right turn and a small section of Coquihalla, followed by a left onto an old road. A short stretch of this brings you to a another left onto Locomotion and upwards. Eventually, a right turn onto a double track takes you to one more right onto Jughead and the fun begins. Follow Jughead to an intersection and right turn with Outback. A short section of this and a left hand turn back onto another portion Locomotion.

From here it is all straight going to the finish/lap point.