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Gibsons Grind Gran Fondo 2018


Jun. 23, 2018

Event Cost
$35 – $40

Event Information

Join us on Saturday, June 23th, 2018, for the 6th annual Gibsons Grind Granfondo on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

This cycling event provides scenic routes through the Sunshine Coast with event lengths that will appeal to all riders. All rides start at the Langdale ferry terminal and end at Persephone Brewery Company for a bbq. From there it’s a short downhill ride back to the Langdale ferry terminal.

Start: The ride starts at the overflow parking lot at the Langdale ferry terminal.  Locals that need to drive to the start can park their cars along Chamberlain Road adjacent to Shirley Macey Park (very close to where the ride finishes) and coast down to the ferry terminal.  See the following link for details:   SSC Gibsons Grind Start

Start Time:  9:30 am.    Note:  As there will be people coming from the Lower Mainland on the 8:30 ferry there may be a small delay if the ferry is late.

The Routes: The Gibsons Grind is a self paced ride that takes place on paved roads. It starts at the Langdale ferry terminal in Gibsons and winds its way to Highway 101. From there the only difference between the various courses is how far they go out the highway.  As such, you could do your own custom route that is anywhere from 10 km on up.  Once you are on the highway, you can turn around any time you like. The routes will be marked with color coded arrows for each route length.

Refreshment Stations:  We will have a refreshment/aid station in Davis Bay at the turnaround point for the 50 km ride as well as on Mason Road near the turnaround for the 70 km route and on Redroofs Road near the turnaround point for the 110 km ride.  You can fill up your water bottles and get a bar.

Riding on The Coast is difficult: The full route is comparable to the RBC GranFondo Whistler.  There are a lot of hills here, some quite long and steep.  Make sure you choose the course length which suits your ability before taking on the Gibsons Grind.  The winners of the Gibsons Grind are the people who have the most fun.

Course Information
(Click links for detailed route information)

At 110 km, it has over 1700 meters of climbing (comparable to the RBC GranFondo Whistler)
While it’s actually only 21 km longer than the 50 km course, it’s significantly harder.  That extra 21 km includes 369 meters of extra climbing,
The 50 km course is quite moderate.  The turnaround point is at scenic Davis Bay, where you might just want to stop and dip your feet in the ocean that is so temptingly close


For more information, go to: http://www.gibsonsgrindgranfondo.com/