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Rocky Cycle & Daryl Evans Racing JunkYard Dog


Apr. 18, 2015

Event Information


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The JunkYard Dog is back! Way better than ever!

The JunkYard Dog was a decade favourite race on the BC Cup series and is so PROUD TO BE BACK for the opening race of the BC Premier Race XC season.

There is an extention of the course by 1.5 km per lap, 7.4 km total per lap. 6km of forest single track per lap, with log roll overs, the Dog Leg bridge, Beer Belly bridge, the Jayride A-frame, wood wall ride, drops . . . the list goes on! Fast and flowy with 3 pumptrack flow trails, Dy-no-mite Roll, Chainless and Jayride.

The JunkYard Dog is more challenging and fun than ever before! All more difficult obstacles have an easy go around for those who don’t feel comfortable, with only a slight time penalty. There is also an Extended 1 km start and passing zone per lap.

Event Details

The Start 2 starts, with staggered starts for categories within each start time. 0900 for Junior and Citizens classes. 1130 start for 20+ to Elite.
Feed Stations Self-feeding, but you’ll be riding by the beer garden twice on every lap so no excuses for not hydrating!  (Beer Garden opens at 11, earlier if we can!)
Prizes There will be cash prizes! Elite cash prizing as per BC Cup criteria; 1st place 5x entry, 2nd 4x entry, 3rd 3x entry, 4th 2x entry, 5th 1x entry. Podium time for the 0900 race will be at 12:00.  11:30 race podium will be at approx 1330.Swag, swag and more swag! Each registrant receives a swag raffle ticket. You must be present to win.
Beer included! Each registrant of drinking age will receive a ticket for 1 beer at the beer garden. But you’ll probably want an extra at $3 per while you cheer your favourite racer as they ride by the beer garden twice per lap. Or perhaps they’ll need hydration.
Food There will be food providers on site.
Registration JunkYard Dog online registration  http://www.BikeReg.com/junkyarddog .  All entries $50. U13-U17 $40.  Closes Thursday, April 16, midnight.   Day license/insurance available for Citizen and 20+ categories for $10, $12 for US residents, U13 for $5. All other categories require a UCI license available at Cycling BC. NO REFUNDS


Race Day Schedule

07:30-08:30 Registration open for 09:00 start
07:30-08:45 Course open for practice
08:30 Registration closed for 09:00 start
08:50 Form up at start
09:00-10:30 1st race start, all categories 3 laps
09:15-11:00 Registration open for 11:30 start
10:30 1st race ends, course cleared
10:30-11:15 Course open for practice
11:00 Beer Garden open – Central City Brewery
11:20 Form up at start
11:30-13:30 2nd race start
12:00 Podium for 09:00 race
13:30 Podium for 11:30 race
14:30 Beer Garden closed

*Event details are subject to change.