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Rock the Ridge Volume 1


Apr. 28, 2019

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After nearly 20 years of road racing in the City’s of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Race the Ridge has turned the page to embrace changing times and to highlight the regions world class gravel race potential with the debut of Rock the Ridge Volume 1 on April 28.

“The original Race the Ridge started back in 1999 and was actually planned to be an epic 100km mountain bike race utilizing the amazing trails and gravel road access in the area. After too many permit rejections, I looked to the roads and the stage race as we now know began,” commented Barry Lyster.

Then back in the fall of 2018, the City of Maple Ridge approached Lyster to discuss how to increase cycle tourism. Lyster discussed the growing participation in Gravel Racing and how Maple Ridge could be home to a very special event.

The 2019, Rock the Ridge Volume 1 will be the start of a 5-year plan to become a 100 km + epic cycling gravel event. For this year, there will be two mass-start races. A 75km race will be home for the Open Men and Open Women Categories with cash prizes being offered for the top 5 men and women. There will also be a 50 km open ride which will also include a Boys and Girls Open Youth Challenge for those U17 and under riders.

“I was hoping to have included some of the hills to the east for this year’s race, but as was the case in 1999, we are still dealing with access issues. But this time the difference is that these public and private land owners are open to discussing my proposals and I believe we will be able to access more areas in 2020.”

For information and registration go to: www.localride.ca