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Muc Off Cup (COTR #3)


Oct. 9, 2023

Event Information

Muc-Off is not “just” the title sponsor of the Cross on the Rock Series but they are also back as title sponsor of the Muc Off Cup again this year! It is always great to have all their amazing products and Pete working hard washing bikes again (If needed). The Bowen park course is a classic. At the point of writing the chance of 5mm of rain that was “promised” earlier in the week seems to be gone…..which is sort of sad.  BUT the parks people will be happy as last year’s race needed some serious remediation!

The course will be similar to the last few years with a road section start, into a  single track wooded climb, quick down hill, then onto the grass for lots of twists and turns before the infamous stairs and volley-ball court/sand section.  The volley ball court has a new perimeter fence around one side so the approach and path for that section will be changed.  For the most part the course will be similar to previous years but once we get into the bowl area it is up to the crew setting up on how our adventure looks!

The Stats!!
This race has some impressive stats over the history of the event.

  • Biggest race of all time!  2019
    • 5th biggest in 2018
    • 6th biggest in 2017
  • Biggest category of all time masters men 40-54 in 2019 with 88 racers
  • Most DNF’s EVER in 2014
    • 4th most DNFs in 2010
    • 10th most DNFs in 2011
  • LEAST DNF’s ever in 2016
    • 2nd least DNFs in 2019!
  • Two Time venue for the Provincial Cyclocross Championships
  • MOST RAIN ever during one of our races for the 2021 Masters Men’s race.  It was INSANE!!


More information can be found at: https://www.crossontherock.com/

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