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NCCP: Track Skills


October 24, 2021 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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Track Skills

This outdoor workshop helps you practice teaching intermediate VELODROME cycling skills and tactics in a safe and friendly environment.

The module builds on the concepts covered in the pre-requisites and takes place on a local velodrome. To pass the module, participants must prepare two lesson plans (one skill and one tactic) and be ready to teach them to the group. This activity is included in questions 52b and 52c of the Club Coach Journal.

After completing this course, you will have met Cycling BC’s expectations for assistant club coaches. To achieve certification and fulfill a club head coach position, complete the final theory module and submit your portfolio for evaluation.

This module is included in the Club Coach (NCCP Competition-Introduction) context and is officially titled: NCCP Comp-Intro Skills & Tactical Practical: Track.


  • Foundations
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Making Ethical Decisions & Quiz
  • Club Theory A   (or Community Theory**)
  • Basic Skills

Module includes:

  1. Basic track etiquette & smooth riding
  2. Standing Start
  3. High Cadence Pedaling
  4. Attack, using the banking
  5. Exchange, using the banking
  6. Riding a schedule
  7. Two-up sprint
  8. Moving within a group


  • Cycling BC members 15+ years old can apply for special consideration and attend this module. Email us to apply.
  • If you are working with riders under the age of 11 or in a community setting (iRide), this module is NOT required.
  • Please note, registration closes at midnight 7 days before the event start date.
  • Learn more about the NCCP here

Special Exceptions:

  • Community vs. Club Theory:
    • **If you intend to ONLY fulfill the role of assistant coach at a youth club and do not wish to pursue certification in the future, you may participate in the Community Theory module (4-hours) instead of attending Club Theory A (8-hours).