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Phoenix Velo Youth Group


Apr. 15, 2015 @ 5:15 pm - 7:00 pm

Event Information

The Phoenix Velo Youth Group is part of the Phoenix Velo Training Group and is aimed at introducing youth aged 9-18 to the sport of Bicycle Road Racing in a controlled and structured environment.

The Phoenix Youth L2T Group will focus on individual fitness and skills. The Group will learn the principles of riding a road racing bike including cornering, braking and gear selection. Training exercises will include skills development, short distance sprints as well as longer distance rides. Races will be timed individual efforts over varying distances and riders will be able to chart their improvements throughout the season. The Group will normally use the smaller 24 inch wheel bikes that are easier to handle and have a shorter “reach” to the brake and gear controls.

The Group will meet once per week. The Group meets at the Container at the Mission Raceway at 5:15PM for sign on and bike check. The training session lasts 1 hour from 5:30PM to 6:30PM. Parents, or nominated adult guardian, should remain at the track at all times throughout the session. For safety reasons the Group must be off the track by 6:30PM.

The club has a limited supply of loaner bicycles which are intended to allow new riders to try the sport before committing to the purchase of their own bike. Riders wishing to use Club bicycles must arrive at 5:15PM, please note that:

  • Bikes will be allocated from 5:15PM to 5:30PM only: no bikes will be allocated once the session starts.
  • Bikes will be allocated by the club on a week by week basis. There is no reserving of bikes.
  • Due to the availability of bikes, on some occasions riders may be expected to share a bike.
  • Preference will be given to new riders who have not previously used a loaner bike.
  • The club does not guarantee the availability of bikes.
  • Bikes may not leave the Raceway unless taking part in an approved Club Event.

Click here for more information on the Phoenix Velo Youth Group.