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Sunshine Coaster DH


May. 3, 2015

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The Coaster downhill returns to the infamous Mach Chicken on Sunday May 3rd.  Endless  Biking will be providing shuttle service from 8am to the end of the day Sunday.

Pick up is at the corner of B&K and Branch 1 (near the bottom of Mach Chicken).  Drop off is at Dudes Bypass.

Self shuttling is permitted to either Dudes Bypass or Guys Gulch but please be aware that the B&K is a public road and you may encounter logging trucks, other vehicles, hikers, and XCM racers.  You may also be stopped to allow XCM racers to cross the road on Saturday May 2.

Preruns may be logged from 3-5pm on Saturday May 2, and from 8-noon on Sunday May 3.

Awards will take place at the bottom of Mach Chicken about 30 mins after the last racer is down.

Please avoid parking in this area as we need the space for Coast TV, Search  and Rescue, the B team bbq, and your awards!

Our key sponsor, Norco, has donated a Rampage 6.1 frame, which every racer is eligible to win.  We will make the draw at the end of the day on Sunday, however, we will ship it if you’re not there.