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World Tuesday Night Championships – Glenlyon


Apr. 19, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Event Information

The World Tuesday Night Championships (WTNC) continues a long-standing tradition of weekly hammerfests that stretches back to the 1980s. Points are tallied over the course of 18 weeks of racing and Series Champions will be named at the final race in September.


Alternating between Glenlyon and UBC. See schedule below for details.


Tuesday nights (fair-weather only). Keep an eye on the forecast and our Twitter and Facebook for updates. The final decision on questionable days will be made at 3 pm.

Rules: All races are sanctioned by CyclingBC and are governed by the UCI’s regulations regarding road races. For EV-specific race rules, please refer to the EV Race Bible.


All racers must hold one of the following racing licenses:

  • Any UCI license
  • Cycling BC provincial license
  • USAC or USCF license (must sign medical waiver)
  • Single-day license (can be purchased at Registration for $10)

Neutralization and Race Control

In the event of an incident on course, marshals will notify racers and display coloured flags at one of several locations.

  • Yellow: race neutralized. All racers must maintain their current position in the peloton and carry on at a neutral pace until the crash is cleared and the injured racer(s) attended to.
  • Red: race cancelled.
  • Green: All clear. Incident has been cleared and racing may resume.


All racers must use the designated bathrooms at each course. These are clearly labelled on the maps above. Any racer observed violating this rule will face an immediate ban from all remaining 2016 WTNC races.

Race Groups and Start Times / Duration

  • Adults race according to the ability category on their UCI license. Cat 4 men may choose to ride in D group or C group depending on their fitness.
  • Youth race either in their age category OR optionally according to the ability category on their UCI license.
  • Participants with a 1-day or a Provincial (formerly called Citizens) license must race in the lowest category available in the D Group.

Series Points

  • Riders upgrading will bring 50% of any WTNC points already earned to their standings in the new category.


M5 6:30 40 min
W1/2/3 6:30 40 min
W4 6:30 40 min
M4 7:10 45 min
M3 7:10 45 min
M1/2 7:10 45 min


M5 6:30 25 min
W1/2/3 6:30 25 min
W4 6:30 25 min
M4 7:10 30 min
M3 7:10 30 min
M1/2 7:10 30 min

Results and Placing

  • Points are awarded for the top five places at each race and prime sprints. Reduced points are awarded for races with fewer than 10 participants.
  • Results are tallied over 17 races (traditionally, the final race of the season does not count towards series results).
  • Prizes are awarded based on a fixed cash amount per point accumulated.
  • A minimum of five (5) points must be accumulated to receive a final prize.
  • Disputes of finish placings must be made with the Finish Line Officials before the end of the race. The decisions of the Finish Line Officials are considered final.







4 pts

2 pts

1 pt

1 pt

1 pt

1 pt

Prizes and Podiums

  • WTNC races have no podium ceremonies; all prizes are awarded at the end of the year.