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April Downhill Camp Report

Cycling BC Downhill Team members joined the C4 Rider Training team in Squamish this past weekend.  There was some amazing weather combined with perfect traction to serve up some of the tightest race training we have seen this year.

Saturday morning the group headed out to ‘Poop Alley’ as it’s known near Quest University. The objective was to set-up a short timed race course.  Athletes spend the morning finding their lines and trying to fine-tune the track.

After an action packed morning of dialing in lines and and working on skills, the group moved back to the race course in the hopes of besting the morning session times.  As always, some were successful and others were not. One thing is for certain is that everyone learned plenty from the days training.

There is nothing more exciting for me than a group of racers that want to beat up on my stopwatch!

– Cory Leclerc, C4 Rider Training

Sunday morning the group headed to Coho Park in Squamish. This is an area that we have worked in frequently and is full of amazing little trails and challenges. A true Squamish and C4 Team favourite. The goal here was to use a familiar zone and to add a new twist. An excellent set of new turns were added and the stopwatches started to light up!

I would like to thank all the riders for coming to Squamish and working hard. All of the athletes that we worked with this weekend showed great talent and work ethic. Year after year it is my pleasure to work with BC’s finest downhill athletes!

– CoryLeclerc, C4 Rider Training

Getting in some drills
Great weekend of training
Hiking up for another lap