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Western Canada Summer Games Memorandum

The Ministry was required to review its investment in areas considered to be less of a priority for the provincial sport system as a whole. Team BC participation in multi-year games requires significant investment. Over the past number of games, questions have been raised regarding the current relevance of the Western Canada Summer Games as they relate to the long term athlete development model. When first created, the games filled a critical gap in athlete development. However, since that time, there has been significant evolution in other programs and services that lessen the return on BC’s investment in these Games.

The Ministry recently communicated its decision to withdraw Team BC from the Western Canada Summer Games, including the 2019 Games in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. This will result in the BC Games Society seeing a reduction in its annual budget to reflect operational savings (e.g. mission staff, protocol expenses). Team development funding will be rolled back into the overall funding envelope supporting provincial and disability sport organizations. This decision does not impact the BC Winter and BC Summer Games or Team BC’s participation in Canada Summer and Winter Games. These multi-sport program opportunities continue to be important for the development of our athletes, coaches and officials.

For more info check out the press release from the Province of BC.