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National Coaches Week – #ThanksCoach Richard Wooles

September 22-30, 2018 is National Coaches Week, a time to celebrate the tremendous positive impact coach­es have on athletes and communities across Canada. This week is an opportunity to recognize coaches for the integral role they play by simply saying #ThanksCoach.  You can follow all of the National Coaches Week social media action on Facebook and Twitter using hashtags #CoachesWeek and #ThanksCoach.

Cycling BC would like to say #ThanksCoach to all the coaches out there for playing a crucial role in building a healthy and active community.

We will be posting a series of coach profiles on our website throughout National Coaches Week, September 22-30,  and have asked athletes to take this opportunity to say “thanks” to their coaches.

Our #ThanksCoach spotlight today is on Richard Wooles contributed by Junior National Track Cycling Champion Sarah Van Dam.


#ThanksCoach Profile: Richard Wooles

What does your coach do that makes him a great coach?
Richard is honest, provides constructive feedback, holds me to a high standard, holds me accountable, has excellent communication and he looks at me as a whole person, not just a cyclist.

Write a memory about your coach.
One of the first pieces of feedback I received from Richard is that I am a very demanding person. It has brought my awareness to it and I have been working to be more independent and self-sufficient and less reliant on other people.

What is something that reminds you of your coach?
My power meter reminds me of my coach. Every time I train it feels like he is there watching me. It is good, it never gives me that opportunity to take an effort easy. It pushes me for the better.

What animal would your coach be and why?
Richard is an eagle. Eagles fly higher than any other bird. Eagles are also symbolic of honesty and truthfulness. They convey a sense of freedom and courage to look into the future.  Richard is very highly respected and is very knowledgeable. I feel like Richard is looking out for me and my best interests.

Other than the sport they coach you in, what sport would you like to watch your coach try?
Biathlon because it is about speed and endurance and he likes to go fast. It also requires skill and strategy, and precision for accurate shooting.

Why do you want to say “thanks, coach”?
I want to say thank you to Richard because he is literally the best coach! He has given me great guidance over this past year both on and off the bike! I hold so much admiration for what he does. He loves this sport and he wants to help others succeed. He invests so much time into it and you never see anything less than his top quality work. I am so lucky to have him helping me reach my goals. He has so much experience and knowledge that he is always open to sharing. I honestly couldn’t be in better hands!

Riley Pickrell Sarah Van Dam Junior World Track Championships Team Canada
Junior National Track Champions, Sarah Van Dam and Riley Pickrell, are both coached by Richard Wooles.



With events held across the country to celebrate coaching, National Coaches Week provides coaches with the recognition they deserve for the time they devote to ensuring Canadians live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Stay up to date with everything happening leading up to National Coaches Week by visiting and by following along on Facebook and Twitter using #CoachesWeek and #ThanksCoach.

For more information on coaching and how to become a cycling coach, please go to our Coaching Resources or check out the events calendar for upcoming coaching courses in your area.

Cycling BC will be holding an NCCP Let’s Ride! Community Initiation coaching course on Saturday, October 20, 2018 for everything you need to start coaching. Register now to reserve your spot.