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External Sport Credits for Cycling BC Student-Athletes

Students in British Columbia can earn elective credits towards high school graduation by completing an approved Athlete, Coach, or Official program offered by a viaSport accredited/recognized/affiliated Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) such as Cycling BC.

Students participating in Cycling BC’s High Performance Program as an athlete or coach can earn credits toward the elective credits required for high school graduation in BC.  Although students may earn External Sport Credentials at any time, students are encouraged to submit their documentation only after they enter Grade 10.

The program can benefit student-athletes by allowing them to better balance their sports activities with their school work. For example, with the extra credits earned through the program, student-athletes can adjust their school schedules to fit their training and/or competition, giving them a chance to succeed academically and athletically.

Students are required to confirm involvement in the approved programs listed below and request a verification letter from Cycling BC. They can submit the latter to their high school counsellor. Learn more about the student-athlete responsibilities.

  • Athlete Level 1 UXSA 10 (4 credits)
    • Provincial Development Athlete
  • Athlete Level 2 UXSA 11 (4 credits)
    • BC High Performance Team Member
  • Athlete Level 3 UXSA 12 (4 credits)
    • Junior National Team

For more information and Recognized Athlete Programs in BC and the standards for eligibility, please visit the BC External Sports Credentials Program website.