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iRide @ Cumberland Field Trip

Students at Lake Trail and some of the classes at Ecole Robb Road and Aspen enjoyed their last iRide session this week with either an epic trail ride, an “everything-in” obstacle course or both!

The grade 5, 6, and 7 students at Aspen wrapped up their iRide program by completing a challenging, “everything-in” obstacle course testing the kids and the skills they have learnt over the past few weeks. The students enjoyed all the features of the obstacle course but almost all kids agree the teeter-totters are always the crowd favourite, followed by the challenging “snake”! “It is amazing to see how far the kids have progressed over the past weeks, with some kids initially nervous to try many of the features and shy away from participating in many of the drills to this week where they are having success riding the teeter-totters and A-Frames” says teacher Ms. Volkers. Maybe it was karma that the sprinklers came on just as we were wrapping up for the day, and the kids all delighted in running through (while squealing) too cool off.

Some of the students at Ecole Robb Road wrapped up their iRide program with a combo road/trail ride either to the fun, flowy trails in Macdonald Woods or the tight, twisty routes in the North East Woods. As a coach it is extremely rewarding to see students progress through a variety of cycling skills over the course of the iRide program so as to masterfully complete a ride with overflowing confidence, all while sporting that goofy grin that comes when “flying” on your bike! Biking with kids and youth is awesome and rewarding for many reasons–one being that their fun and joy is just so contagious!

The grade 7, 8 and 9 Lake Trail students wrapped up with a truly epic mountain bike ride on the classic Cumberland trails. Over the course of the iRide program, these keen students were always eager to learn new, advanced skills and take their cycling to the next level. And the pay off was huge (almost as huge as their smiles)!

Coach Lauren Lan has been so impressed with the students of the Comox Valley, not only in their eagerness to learn, but also with their outstanding behaviour. The students were respectful of the coaches and supportive of their fellow students, making it truly a win-win situation!

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