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iRide’s Autumn Events

Cycling BC’s iRide program is halfway through its autumn schedule with great events at various schools in the Comox Valley and the Lower Mainland. iRide’s Comox head coach, Lauren Lan, recently visited Queenesh Elementary, Brooklyn Elementary, Robb Road Elementary and Puntledge.  Over on the mainland, the Vancouver team of Wes Ochitwa and Hans Loeffelholz visited Sir Richard McBridge, Irvine Elementary and Cove Cliff Elementary. iRide is very excited about our upcoming events in Terrace, the Okanagan and Victoria to wrap up the fall schedule.

iRide Head Coach, Lauren Lan, reports from Comox:

What a fantastic kick off to our autumn iRide events in Comox. I’ve had the chance to visit these schools consistently over the past few years and have witnessed great strides in the community. These schools have really matched iRide’s support and promoted cycling throughout the rest of year as a great way to get to school and be active.

Being back coaching at Puntledge is always a treat as these students not only have a really passion for cycling but are always the most respectful, appreciative and eager to learn students in the valley! Ecole Puntledge Park has also created quite a reputation as being a very bike-friendly school. Not only do a lot of students bike to and from school (using the adjoining paths and MTB trails that lead from the school), but they have made every Wednesday (not uncoincidentally the same day iRide visits Puntledge) “Wheely Wacky Wednesday,” where before and after school as well as during lunch and recess, the parking lot is transformed into a bikers playground, where students are able to roam and play on their bikes! Really fabulous.

I look forward to the future of youth cycling in this area!

iRide Head Coach, Wes Ochitwa, reports from McBride and Irvine Elementary

Over the last few weeks, I have had the chance to work with Hans Loeffelholz and introduce him to the iRide in-school program as a new coach.  We’ve visited a wide range of schools and meet a lot of fantastic kids.

Recently, Hans and I visited Irvine Elementary in Port Coquitlam where he helped 10 of 12 brand-new pedalers transition to riders able to ride in a straight-line. When we visited McBridge and Cove Cliff, Hans and I evenly split the classes and tackled the traditional iRide skills of straight-line riding, tight turns and more.  It is always great to help these new riders realize that after some practice they CAN ride ALL the terrain in their school grounds – a great feeling for all involved!

One of the teachers at Irvine was especially impressed with the skills progression of her students over the 3-day program.

It’s just exceptional the way you coach these kids. How you adapt to their level and meet their learning needs.  Little Ashlyn (Grade 4) has struggled to find comfort in her new grade and I haven’t seen a smile on her face until she started riding bikes with you. So thank you for bringing her to life.

Find out when the next iRide event is taking place in your community by visiting our events page here.   Cycling BC’s iRide program is also currently selling a number of our in-school rental bikes. Parents can learn more here.

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McBride: Coach Hans "Solo" helps on the teeter-totter
Comox: Ready for action!
Comox: Ripping up the stunts
Comox: Building confidence
McBride: Hans with students at the BMX whoop
McBride: Playing Satellites and SpaceStations
McBride: Whoop Whoop!
McBride: Mini Tetter
McBride: Mini Bump
Irvine: Ballet!
Irvine: Helmet Check
Irvine: Ready to Rock
Irvine: Norco!
Irvine: Ballet
Irvine: Racer Ready
Irvine: "iRide!"
Irvine: October Sunshine
Irvine: Remounts and Dismounts
Irvine: Team Cheer