Your Guide to Cycling BC Membership in 2023

Cycling BC membership gives you access to...

  • Ride Accident & General Liability Insurance

    Ride with confidence knowing that you have coverage for any potential injuries sustained while cycling anywhere in North America and that you are protected from financial risk arising from any liability claims during sanctioned events. View Insurance

  • Clubs

    Many of the BC’s cycling clubs affiliate with Cycling BC and require club members to possess a Cycling BC licence to ensure that members have sufficient coverage for any potential risks (see above). View Clubs

  • Events

    Cycling BC sanctions and registers hundreds of events each year and these events will often require a Cycling BC licence in order to participate. View Events

  • Exclusive Member Discounts and Offers

    The list is growing. From nutritional products, fitness testing, accommodations, to yoga, bike gear and racks. Cycling BC has a growing list of community partners that offer exclusive member discounts. View Member Discounts

  • Development Opportunities for Athletes, Coaches, and Officials

    Throughout the year Cycling BC offers training camps, courses, and conferences for members to develop their skills and knowledge in various aspects of cycling.

  • Racing Credentials

    In addition to these benefits, some memberships also double as a licence which confirms your racing credentials and participation rights as conditionally set forth through international (UCI) and national (Cycling Canada) race categories.

Important Notes for 2023 Membership

Clarification on Masters Categories and Eligibility

An athlete aged 35 years old must decide whether to select Elite or Master as their UCI category for the entire season. This choice must be made each year at the time of application (UCI rule 1.1.036). The UCI category corresponds to the rider’s choice to race in the Elite or Master category for national and international events*, regardless of age. The choice of Master status shall not be available for riders belonging to a UCI trade team.

A master athlete may not change their UCI category as indicated on their license at any point during the season. However, unless competing in UCI events, our Cycling BC guidelines allow masters racers to choose what category they wish to compete in for all non-UCI events. Therefore, if a masters racer wishes to participate in an ability-based category or the elite category at a provincially sanctioned event, they are permitted to do so.

*If an athlete aged 35 years old or over and wants to race in the Elite category for provincial events but wants to race as a Master for national and international events, he/she must take a Master licence and ask the Provincial Association to produce an upgrade letter to participate in provincial events in the Elite category.

Category 5 Added for Road

Category 5 was reintroduced in the road discipline in 2021 to ensure a consistent and basic skill level among new racers. This category provides a more approachable entry-point and safer race experience for new cyclists wishing to try racing for the first time. Our goal is to provide a standardized learn-to-race module for novice racers while relieving pressure on the well-attended category 4 field at many local races.

Category Upgrades

Racers who wish to upgrade their race category for the 2023 season should submit their upgrade request at the time of licence renewal. A $10 upgrade administration fee will be applied.

Note that our category upgrade policy for all disciplines was updated in 2021. Please read on for details. Further to this, the specific upgrade criteria for the Road discipline has been adjusted, including a new points schedule and upgrade point thresholds. Please visit
 for specific details.

  • Category upgrade requests can be made through applications submitted on CCN. Requests made by riders who fulfil the points or experience outlined under the discipline-specific criteria will be reviewed and processed. All other upgrade requests will be reviewed by the upgrade committee. The upgrade committee will consist of the Member and Events Services Manager, the High Performance Manager and the provincial coach in the discipline related to the upgrade request. The committee may request a written letter of support from the riders’ NCCP certified coach and/or the rider undergo an in-person skills assessment.
  • Only results acquired during racing with a UCI Race License or Provincial Race License will be considered. Upgrade requests must be submitted through the CCN website. Incomplete upgrade request forms will not be processed.
  • Only Cycling BC members in good standing are eligible to upgrade. Suspended members or those with outstanding balances on their account will be denied.

Please go to the Categories & Upgrades page to find the discipline-specific upgrade criteria. If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible for a category upgrade for 2023 please email

Cardless/Paperless Licences

Beginning in 2020, hardcopy licences were no longer issued automatically for Provincial Race and UCI Race licence holders. Members will continue to receive a digital PDF copy of their licence as well as a new electronic format that can be integrated with digital wallet applications such as Apple Wallet and Google Wallet. An option for a printed card licence will be available for a fee.

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