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Scott Bicycles welcomes Geoff Kabush

SCOTT Sports announced today the formation of a new XC team based in North America. The Team, named SCOTT- 3Rox Racing Team, will include Geoff Kabush who will target the UCI World Cup series, the 2012 Summer Olympics and select North American events aboard the SCOTT Spark and Scale mountain bikes.

Geoff commented, “Changing programs the year before the Olympics had the potential to be stressful, but I couldn’t be happier about how things have worked out with SCOTT-3Rox. I had a lot of decisions, but SCOTT-3Rox was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. SCOTT’s pursuit of excellence and dedication to racing shows in their incredible line up of bikes; I can’t wait to ride and race the Spark and Scale. It was also a big deal to me that SCOTT showed a desire for a long-term commitment; I am really excited about several ideas we discussed and their plans for the future.

Geoff Kabush joins Scott-3Rocks… Scott-3Rocks

Partnering with the 3Rox program and the support I will have from them was also a big factor in my decision. One of the main reasons I race is to have fun, and I am looking forward to some good times with a great group of people. I have everything I need for success in place now, and I’m really looking forward to concentrating on preparing for the 2012 race season with SCOTT-3Rox.”

“SCOTT- 3Rox began four years ago as a developmental program supported by MICA Sports, the Canadian distributor for SCOTT Sports,” said AdrianMontgomery. “The Team manager, Kyle Douglas, has done an excellent job in building the support network necessary for a program that we would get behind.


Kabush is all smiles about his new team Scott-3Rocks

When we had the chance to nab a top North American to race with, we jumped at the opportunity. SCOTT is a company with a rich history in racing, and we develop high performance, lightweight products for competition of the highest caliber. Now we have an athlete who can represent our products in this part of the world, contesting races our European based World Cup team cannot.”

“I am very excited about signing Kabush, as it has been a fun and new experience for me,” remarked Kyle Douglas, manager for SCOTT- 3Rox Racing Team. “I believe that a successful program relies on having a strong foundation, and adding Geoff to the squad allows the team to get to the next level.

Geoff has many aspirations, and we wanted to make sure that going into the Olympic year he has all the support he needs to perform. There will be many challenges, but having strong companies supporting the team, I feel that we will attain our goals. Overall I am very excited to add an asset like Geoff to SCOTT-3RoxRacing.”

Check out this video edit of Geoff Kabush:

Scott Bicycles: Welcome to the Team Geoff Kabush from Route 2 Productions on Vimeo.

SCOTT-3Rox Racing Team Roster for 2012
– Geoff Kabush
– Derek Zandstra
– Cam Jette
– Tyson Wagler
– Marc-Antoine Nadon
– Amanda Sin
– Mikaela Kofman
– Laura Bietola