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XC Canada Cup Final Standings

(Ottawa, ON – June 13, 2012) In anticipation of the 2012 Mountain Bike Canadian Championships, Cycling Canada Cyclisme would like to congratulate the winners of the Canada Cup Series Champions for cross-country, for both Junior and Elite categories.

In the Elite category, Raphael Gagné (Rocky Mountain/Procycle) took the victory of the overall standings in the Men’s Elite category. Gagné won the opening race in Mont-Tremblant, and then went on to win the second race in Baie-Saint-Paul. In the third and final race of the series, with the title already under his belt, Gagné went on to place second at the Hardwoord Ski and Bike event.

Sandra Walter (Xprezo-Borsao) was the overall champion of the Elite women’s category. As Gagné did, Walter won both the opening events in Mont-Tremblant and Baie-Saint-Paul, and then went on to take the second place of the final stop on the circuit.

In the junior category, Frédérique Trudel (Specialized-Québec) successfully defended her title from 2011, winning the overall title by taking the victory in all three races, earning herself the maximum 200 points available.

Alexandre Vialle (Scott-Pur Power) surged to the top of the overall standings in the very last race in Barrie, On, edging 2011 champion Marc Antoine Nadon. Tied with Nadon, Vialle won the tie breaker, winning more points in the third and final race. Both Vialle and Nadon, as well as third place finisher Peter Disera (Team Ontario) finished the series with 185 points.

Nicholas Vipond, Mountain Bike coordinator at Cycling Canada Cyclisme, was pleased with the efforts from the local organizing committees. “We received outstanding support from the local venues and the local organizing committees. Hosting these races is critical for the development of future cycling stars, and the involvement from all of us in the cycling community goes a long way in an athlete’s career.”

Due to the cancellation of the Canada Cup Series race in Canmore, AB, the best two of three races counted towards the overall standings.

The Downhill series of the Canada Cup will continue with its regular schedule, and the finals will be held in July at Panorama, BC.




1. WALTER, Sandra (Xprezo-Borsao) 400 (200, 200, *175)
2. MONTAMBAULT, Cindy (CVM 2 Vals) 315 (175, 140)
3. SIN, Amanda (Scott-3 Rox Racing) 310 (155, 155)
4. KOFMAN, Mikaela (SCOTT-3 Rox Racing) 295 (155, 140)
5. STRAUSS, Mariske (Pepper Palace/Spin-Tec) 260 (140, *105, 120) Holds a RSA licence.



1. GAGNÉ, Raphael (Rocky Mountain/Procycle) 400 (200, 200, *175)
2. JETTE, Cameron (SCOTT-3 Rox Racing) 330 (*115, 175, 155)
3. KINDREE, Neal (Specialized Canada) 315 (175, 140)
4. MARTIN, Jeremy (Rocky Mountain/Procycle) 285 (130, 155)
5. BOUCHARD, Leandre (Cyclone d’Alma/Devinci) 275 (155, *110, 120)



1. TRUDEL, Frédérique (Specialized Québec) 200 (*100, 100, 100)
2. APRIL, Gabrielle (Lessard Bicycles) 170 (85, 85, *45)
3. LAROSE-GINGRAS, Frédérique (CVM Subway-Génétik) 155 (*70, 70, 85)
4. JACQUES-BEAUDOIN, Émie (Lessard Bicycles) 130 (*45, 60, 70)
5. PAGEAU, Rachel (Cyclone d’Alma) 105 (60, 45)



1. VIALLE, Alexandre (SCOTT-Pur Power) 185 (85, *70, 100)
2. NADON, Marc-Antoine (Team Ontario/SCOTT) 185 (*60, 100, 85)
3. DISERA, Peter (Team Ontario/Cycle) 185 (100, 85)
4. BELHUMEUR, Vincent (Specialized-Québec) 130 (70, 60, *37)
5. MOBERG, Quinn (Cycling BC) 110 (40, 70)