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Georgia Astle Makes Impressive UCI World Cup Debut

Georgia Astle recently competed in the Downhill UCI World Cup #5  Mont-Sainte-Anne. This was her first world cup, with impressive results, finishing 13th in the Pro/Elite, and was the top junior woman.


It is such an intimidating track, and atmosphere at Mont-Sainte-Anne. When we did our first track walk, it was hard for me to judge how much speed I would be carrying through sections, and what the features would be like when I got on my bike.


Once I got more laps in and began to feel more comfortable on the track my nerves started to go away. I could just focus on staying on my bike and pinning it in the sections I knew I had dialled. It was funny for me to be up in the start area surrounded by girls on their trainers, fully kitted out with coaches by their side while I was just doing my own thing, lunging it out here and there, and holding on to the siding of the building while spinning my cranks on my bike backwards before dropping in.


I am so happy to have had the opportunity to go to a World Cup before heading over to World Champs in Andorra, I have an idea of what to expect now!


Huge thanks to AFD Racing for helping me out this season, and to my friend Nik Dunn for saving my butt and lending me a fork for the race!


-Georgia Astle
For women’s results from Mont-Sainte-Anne, head over to