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Bear Mountain XC Training Camp

This past week the BC XC team took part in a one week training camp at Bear Mountain Resort after a great race weekend. Athletes had an opportunity learn from Canada’s leaders in sport. Including a seminar on recovery techniques and feed zone best practices from National Team staff member, Tara Lazarski. Here athletes learned the importance of sleep, nutrition, hydration and creating an athlete driven routine for race prep, execution and recovery.

“Tara’s presentation about feed zone tactics was super helpful about what to do and what not to do during a race to conserve energy when going through the feed zone. Such as not always taking a bottle just because it is out there, if you only drank 1/3 of a bottle the previous lap it is extremely unlikely that you will need a full bottle the next lap. All these little things help to conserve that little bit of energy in a race that can make the biggest difference ”.

– Hunter Verner

Other seminars included a sports nutrition for performance seminar with CSI-P team member, Ashley Armstrong. Athletes looked at the various sources of fuel for their bodies, timing of the fuel, amount of fuel based on type and duration of training and how to monitor hydration levels. Sharleen Hoar led another seminar on growth mindset and unlocking the pathway to performance success. This had athletes explore fixed and growth mind-sets, and presented tools that athletes can use to help them maintain a growth mindset, on and off the bike.

“ I found Ashley’s seminar on nutrition very interesting and helpful, and I learned some things that I previously didn’t know about or had misconceptions of. I have never really had a formal nutrition plan and have had problems in races and training with a lack of energy or stomach aches, but after her presentation I have a good idea of what I have to do to avoid similar things in the future. I have a better understanding of the importance of proper hydration and nutrition for athletes and their effect on performance, not just during the race, but before and even after. “

– Shane Patterson

Dan Proulx (National MTB team coach) lead a seminar on at what it takes to be a gold medalist, including a gap analysis showing athletes some of Canada’s weaknesses on the world stage and what they can do now to close that gap. As well, Ian Hughes (National MTB development team coach) presented the LTAD plan for Cycling Canada, giving athletes an opportunity to see what it takes to make the Jr. National Development team and to ask questions on what they need to do to get there.

“ Listening to Dan and Ian talk about the Gold Medal Toolbox really motivated me to keep up my training. Hearing the importance of putting in the training hours as a U17 inspired me to continue building my aerobic base for future years.  It was also really interesting to hear about how important deliberate play is in my training – playing in the parking lot on my bike is a good thing! “

– Holden Jones

Athletes also spent the week exploring the trails around Bear Mountain and Hartland with local guide and past National Team member, Adam Walker.   These are the trails that the national team is training on, so it was a real treat for our athletes to see the type of terrain that Canada’s best train on. The rides included long endurance rides, short circuits on technical up tracks, and intervals along side the Jr. National Development Team.

“ It’s definitely a special feeling knowing that I am training on the same trails that the best riders in Canada are. Many of the trails I have ridden here are great for cross-country with both technical ascents and descents, so it’s no surprise that the National Team calls these trails home. I as well have loved riding all of the sick trails Victoria has to offer. Overall, I am stoked to be riding and training where the elite riders of Canada are and I hope to continue to in the future. “

– Nick Kleban