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Ride Like a Girl is Now Accepting Applications from BC Athletes

PRESS RELEASE: Ride Like a Girl

We are now accepting applications from BC athletes for the 2019 mentorship program. If you are under the age of 20 and keen to progress your downhill, enduro, cross-country or freeriding skills, you may have just what it takes to be the next athlete in the 2019 program. We will be selecting several new up and coming athletes to be matched with pro-athletes throughout the season.

Athletes selected for the program will have the opportunity to receive guidance, racing advice and have an opportunity to meet and ride with a professional athlete in their discipline. Among Ride Like a Girl’s 2019 mentors are well-known mountain bike athletes Jaime Hill (downhill), Sandra Walter (cross-country). Stephanie Denroche (downhill), Katie Button (cross-country and off-road triathlon), Carey Mark (cross-country), and Lisa Ludwig (cross-country) as well as several other pros. Each of the 2019 mentors are accomplished athletes with many years experience in the mountain bike industry and racing backgrounds ranging from racing world cups to national and provincial level events.

“Being a mentor for Ride Like a Girl is a fun and rewarding way for me to give back to the sport and share all of my experience with young shredders. Plus, they usually teach me a thing or two, so it’s a win-win! I really enjoy being involved in the development of young women mountain bike racers, because it keeps me in touch with the community and my roots and anything we can do to encourage girls to stay active is awesome,” says Sandra Walter, pro cross-country racer, and ten time Canadian national team member.

“2018 was a big year for me and having such an amazing role model who I could look up to and who helped me train and learn throughout the year was a huge help. Having Mical Dyck there as my mentor to give me advice and coach was a super important part of my racing the last season. I enjoyed my rides with Mical learning race techniques and just having fun,” says Emmy Lan, 2018 Ride Like a Girl athlete, from the Comox Valley, BC.

Ride Like a Girl 2018 downhill and enduro athlete Emmy Lan, pictured above, was matched with pro cross-country rider Mical Dyck.

“Biking is my passion. I want the up and coming generation of females to feel welcomed into the sport and have fun! Through being a mentor for Ride Like a Girl I hope to spread the word and the stoke to greater the riding community with more young girls shredding,” says Stephanie Denroche, Ride Like a Girl DH mentor, former BC Provincial Champion, Junior Canadian National Champion, and past Ride Like a Girl athlete.

““The ride like a girl program provides young female mountain bike athletes with an invaluable opportunity of mentorship from experienced, strong female athletes and role models. Since its inception, I have been proud to help riders not only grow their skill set on their bikes, but in many other aspects of life in general,” says Jaime Hill pro downhill mountain biker, coach, mentor and Director for Ride Like a Girl.

“I’ve been so honoured to watch all the girls who have been part of this program over the years blossom into not just confident, skilled riders and athletes, but amazing all-around humans as well! I’m excited to continue to work with Ride Like A Girl for 2019 to help even more young girls hone their skills, increase their confidence and build more future life-long community ambassadors!”

Ride Like a Girl is accepting applications until February 18, 2019. Interested athletes must be under the age of 20, live in British Columbia, and have some racing/freeriding experience. Community involvement including coaching, trail building, helping with races and events, and other volunteer pursuits are an asset for applicants.

For more info and to apply, please visit