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Canadian Road Championships – Elite/Junior/Para Results

The 2019 Canadian Elite, Junior, and Para Road Championships took place last weekend in Quebec where Canadian championship titles and the highly coveted maple leaf jersey was awarded to winners in the Time Trial, Road Race, and Criterium races.

The time trial kicked off the Canadian Championships and was held in St-Prosper, on the outskirts of St-Georges, with an out-and-back course that took the athletes up multiple climbs. Distances ranged from 11 to 34 kilometres depending on the category.



T1-2 Women: 1- Shelley Gautier, 2- Marie-Ève Croteau
H1-2 Men: 1- Matthew Kinnie, 2- Eric Page
T1-2 Men: 1- Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin, 2- Michael Shetler
H3-5: 1- Charles Moreau, 2- Joey Desjardins, 3- Alex Hyndman
C1-5: 1- Marie-Claude Molnar, 2- Keely Shaw, 3- Lachlan HotchkissL
Tandem: 1- Lowell Taylor & Andrew Davidson, 2- Daniel Chalifour & Jean-Michel Lachance, 3- Matthieu Croteau-Daigle & Benoit Lussier
Junior Women: 1- Magdeleine Vallières-Mill, 2- Camille Primeau, 3- Emilly JohnstonJunior Men: 1- Jacob Rubuliak, 2- Tristan Jussaume, 3- Dylan Bibic
U23 Women: 1- Olivia Baril, 2- Laurie Jussaume, 3- Gillian Ellsay
U23 Men: 1- Adam Roberge, 2- Derek Gee, 3- Nickolas Zukowsky
Elite Women: 1- Leah Kirchmann, 2- Karol-Ann Canuel, 3- Marie-Soleil Blais
Elite Men: 1- Rob Britton, 2- Svein Tuft, 3- Adam Roberge

Photo by Rob Jones/CanadianCyclist

The road race competition at the 2019 Canadian Road Championships were held over two days, starting with the Para, Junior men and Elite women’s categories on Saturday and the Junior women, U23 men and Elite men categories on Sunday.  On Saturday, athletes faced a tough course that took them from Saint-Georges to Saint-Odilon, where they completed three loops of a steep 15 kilometre circuit, before coming back to the finish line. Junior men and Elite women both completed a distance of 108.5 kilometres under difficult conditions, with rain and heavy winds picking up throughout the day. On Sunday, athletes competed on the same course where they completed 1 to 8 loops of a steep 15 kilometre circuit, before coming back to the finish line. Junior women completed a distance of 78.1 kilometres while the Elite men raced for over four and a half hours and completed 186.2 kilometres.


C4 Women: 1- Keely Shaw, 2- Marie-Claude Molnar
C4 Men: 1- Lachlan Hotchkiss
T1-2: 1- Michael Shetler, 2-Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin, 3- Marie-Ève Croteau
H1-5 Women & H1-2 Men: 1-Kara Douville, 2-Matthew Kinnie, 3-Christine Molnar
H3-5: 1- Mark Ledo, 2- Joey Desjardins, 3- Charles Moreau
Tandem Women : 1-Carla Shibley & Meghan Leminski, 2-Annie Bouchard & Evelyne Gagnon, 3- Robbi Weldon & Erin Rutta
Tandem Men: 1- Daniel Chalifour & Jean-Michel Lachance, 2- Lowell Taylor & Andrew Davidson, 3- Benoit Lalumière Cloutier & Maxime Vives

Junior Women: 1- Magdeleine Vallières-Mill, 2- Laury Milette 3- Camille Primeau

Junior Men: 1- Raphael Parisella, 2- Matisse Julien, 3- Lukas Carreau

U23 Women: 1- Olivia Baril, 2- Ann Pascale Ouellet 3- Anna Gabrielle Traxler
U23 Men: 1- Nickolas Zukowsky 2- Derek Gee 3- Evan Burtnik

Elite Women: 1- Karol-Ann Canuel, 2- Leah Kirchmann, 3- Ariane Bonhomme
Elite Men: 1- Adam de Vos 2- Nigel Ellsay 3- Nickolas Zukowsky

Photo by Rob Jones/CanadianCyclist


Junior Women: 1- Magdeleine Vallières-Mill, 2- Sarah Van Dam 3- Elle Bush
Junior Men: 1- Felix Robert, 2- Arnaud Beaudoin, 3- Dylan Bibic

Elite Women: 1- Allison Beveridge, 2- Ariane Bonhomme, 3- Marie Soleil Bonhomme
Elite Men: 1- Ryan Roth 2- Robin Plamondon 3- Pierre Andre Cote

Photo by Rob Jones/CanadianCyclist

Source: Cycling Canada