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First race of the season for the Cycling BC Road Team

Saturday’s race was a test of mettle — driving crosswinds, short climbs, tough racing and lots of splits and breaks were the features of this race. The pace was driven by the big teams at the front echloning while the rest of the field fought for space to draft while they were strung out in the gutter. In the end the field was shattered into 5 or so groups of 10 while the rest of the 120 man field failed to finish.

Top BC finish was a respectable 14th, now its time for the team to tee up for Merco stage race next weekend. Thank you for the generous support of the sponsors and supporters of Cycling BC, we are training hard and looking forward to the year ahead… Adam de Vos

All members of the Cycling BC warm weather training camp in Santa Cruz, California are well into a great block of training.  Everyone is settled into a routine of training, eating and sleeping with a focus on the upcoming races in March. The weather has been unseasonably dry which has made the quality of training great – thank you to the Cycling BC sponsors for giving us this opportunity. We are all looking forward to racing in March! – Craig Logan

Training down here has been really positive with the bunch, we have a leg opener race in the Snelling this weekend. We are all focused and geared towards having a good race at the Merco stage race, starting at the beginning of March. Thanks to Cycling BC and all the sponsors for giving me the best preparation for for what I predict will be a successful season for everyone down here. – Jacob Schwingboth