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Junior Road Time Trial Championships

Nigel Éllsay –  “I am very pleased with the ride after finishing 2nd last year and delighted to come away with my first National Champs win!”

Junior Men, 30 km 

1 Nigel Éllsay (BC) Cycling BC 0:40:30
7 Trevor Pearson (BC) Cycling BC 0:41:46
16 Jordan Duncan (BC) Cycling BC 0:43:14
17 Aidan Caves (BC) Cycling BC 0:43:16
23 Henri De Boever (BC) Cycling BC 0:43:50
27 Sam Morris (BC) Cycling BC 0:44:08
41 Évan Carey (BC) Cycling BC 0:45:16
63 Jackson Pickell (BC) Cycling 0:48:31

This is fantastic for me and all the people that help us juniors from sponsors – helpers to everyone at Cycling BC and CAN Cycling… ( and mom and dad) – Nigel Éllsay


Nigel with young Jackson Pickell

I have just come back from France racing there for the last 3months and really looking forward to the rest of the year and Nat RR on Saturday. THKS and what a day 🙂 – Nigel Éllsay

Cycling BC Women’s U17 – U19 Riders

Junior Women, 15 km

1 Saskia Kowalchuk (ON) Team CHCH 0:22:17
8 Brenna Pauly (BC) Cycling BC 1:58
12 Alex Grant (BC) Cycling BC 2:19
22 Robynne Shannon (BC) Cycling BC 3:06
23 Clara MacKenzie (BC) Cycling BC 3:28
24 Sophie de Boever (BC) Cycling BC 3
27 Christianna Moser (BC) Cycling BC 4:42
28 Tarryn Côté (BC) Cycling BC 4:56

(L-R) Tim, Nigel, Jeff, Rich