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Future Champions Cycling Camp – Day 1 Report

The Future Champions camp got off to a great start, with 30+ participants again for this 3rd annual edition. Guest riders Nick Hamilton, Rob Britton, and Olympic medallist Jasmin Glaesser were on hand for today’s rides.

The morning consisted of a 2.5hr road ride with group drills teaching pace line and strategies.

The afternoon was filled with talks from Jasmin on how she’s progressed over the past 3 years as well as her Olympic experience. The riders headed out again in the early evening for a team time trial session, learning about how to move their groups from A to B as fast as possible.


After a team dinner, riders went through the basics of sprint training and how to win bike races.

This camp would not be possible without the support of so many people, we are truly grateful for the wonderful investment – MANY THANKS AGAIN from us all at the camp!