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Future Champions Cycling Camp – Day 2 Report

Future Champions Camp 2012 – Day 2 Report



“Todays ride was tough but very fun! We got police escort whole ride, helping a lot with the large traffic on the highway. Rob and Nick taught us lots of sprint strategy which helped out a lot. Apex Hill climb tomorrow should be a solid ride. We all appreciate the support from all the sponsors, without it the camp wouldn’t be achievable to the same level.” -Sam Morris

“Day two at future champs camp, today we did some sprint training in summerland. I learned a lot about sprint tactics and positioning from are two pros riding with us this week. I look forward to the days to come.

Thanks to all are sponsors for making this amazing camp possible”  -Joel Taylor

 “Day two. Today we rode probably at least a minimum of almost hundred kilometres, I may be rounding up a little bit, but that sounds about right since we rode past a lot of trees, and bodies of water. I am no road cyclist, or at least I haven’t been in the past, and I am certainly not used to doing long rides or exercises on the road that have specific purpose. That’s one reason I found today really interesting. We learned some really neat things from Rob, Nick, Richard, Jeff and Jasmine, such as sprint techniques in a race, attacking on hill climbs, gearing, hydration and much more. I can’t wait for the rest of the week! Such fun, and without the sponsors none of this would be possible. Thanks to all of the people who have helped this camp become a reality, a learning experience, and such a great time for all the young riders attending it!” – Logan Simonson