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Future Champions Cycling Camp – Day 4 Report

Fourth day of the Future Champions Camp in Penticton, BC! – riders reports.

Today was the fourth day of the Future Champions Camp in Penticton, BC! The morning started off with climb up Apex Mountain, followed by a well earned descent back into the city. We had a chance to recover from the ride, and we gathered for an informative session from the captivating chiropractor Dr. Jenn Turner. After a recovery spin with our resident pros and coaches, we spent some time experimenting with hydrotherapy in the Okanagan lake. Thank you to Jenn and all of our supports for another fantastic day!



Today I had my first experience doing a big, long climb, up to Apex Ski Resort. The area around my home in Victoria is not near to any serious climbs, so this was a great opportunity to come out and power my way up a mountain. After a spritely descent back to our base camp, we had the fortune of attending a seminar from Dr. Jenn Turner, a chiropractor that works with high-level professional cyclists.

We discussed what chiropractors can do for athletes, and she showed us some stretching that a cyclist can do to maintain a healthy range of motion. Opting out of an additional spin, a group of us went for a nice leisurely wade into the lake, then a frantic barefoot jog to the hot tub to relax before dinner. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be doing such a big climb followed by a lesson from an Olympic chiropractor, and it couldn’t have become reality without the support of Cycling BC, Richard and the coaches and Ron H, and Jenn, and the help from our sponsors, thank you all so much.



The fourth day of the camp was brutal we did apex hill climb. The ride to apex was enough to kill my legs so I didn’t go fully to the top. The decent into Penticton was amazing, after the ride we had stalk mainly focused on injury prevention , I learned a lot. It was a great day.