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Axel Merckx Hayman Classic Junior Race

Today I got to race with Axel Merckx!!! It was so cool to ride with him and get tips on how to be a better bike racer. I learned so much this past week and had so much fun doing it. Thanks to the Axel Merckx youth program, Ron Haymen, the sponsors and Cycling BC for making the camp and races happen! – Joel Taylor

The final day of the camp included a road race on the edge of Penticton. We all did a prerace lap with our coaches, then a fast race. It was great to race with other riders my age and get feedback from the coaches after the race. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. I’m really amped up for bike riding! – Logan Simonson

The weather was fantastic as usual for the last day of the camp. My group had a 4 lap race with two climbs each lap. It was a hard and fast race since we had Jake Schwingboth making sure we kept attacking. Thanks so much for everyone who made this camp happen and I’m looking forward to getting better at bike racing in the future. Keifer Livingstone