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Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp – Day 1

The annual Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp has once again kicked off. The destination for 2013 is a 75 minute drive north of Los Angeles along the coast in Ventura, California. The camp will be run over the next month, with a focus on giving BC’s best development riders a chance to take advantage of warm, sunny weather and BC’s provincial coach infrastructure to get in some quality training miles for the 2013 season and beyond. The camp is being run by provincial development coaches Steve Lund and Jeff Ain.
 photo (1)
The junior women’s development group being the first to take in the sunshine and balmy temperatures.
Junior Women’s Group:
Tarryn Cote
Sophie de Boever
Gillian Ellsay
Alex Grant
Clara Mackenzie
Christy Moser
Brenna Pauly
Kia van der Vliet
Today was our first day of the 2013 Ventura warm weather camp! Blue skies and sunshine greeted us this morning, perfect riding weather! We started the morning with building our bikes and a grocery run, then it was ride time. Our first ride was an easy 2 hour ride along a nice bike path winding through the Ventura valley. We finished the ride off with some solid hills… Thanks to all the sponsors and coaches for giving us this opportunity to train in such a nice place, I am looking forward to the week ahead! -Gillian Ellsay

Riding in California is very interesting. We did two hours today and it was great to be able to ride in the warm weather again. The lack of hills during the ride was a good way to get our legs back under us, after the long travel yesterday; even if the great amazing coaches surprised us with some wonderful walls — hills, to finish the ride with. I look forward to spending the next ten days in such a nice place, thanks to all the sponsors and coaches. – Kia van der Vliet