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Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp – Day 4

The weather was looking suspect on Day 4 of the Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp which delayed the ride.  The team stayed close to home until the roads dried out then got in a nice recovery spin. The sun plans to be back on today (Wednesday) and we will start the ride with some sprints before putting in some more steady base miles.

The fourth day of training in sunny California found us spinning along the coastline for a 40km recovery ride. The incredible view of the ocean was completed with breaching porpoises and pelicans, and an overnight rainfall left the air cool and fresh. After our ride, we stopped to investigate downtown Ventura… Frozen yogurt and fresh fruit from a friendly local was an appropriate closure to a well received recovery day! The evening led to a core strength and flexibility session led by Steve Lund, we’re all feeling fresh and ready for the coming week of training! Thank you so much to all of the coaches and sponsors, your support and advice means the world to all of us! -Christy Moser

Today was our easy ride. We had a nice, relaxing ride along the ocean. We were fortunate to see a seal and a porpoise along the way. After our spin we stopped in downtown Ventura for some frozen yogurt. Thank you to all the sponsors and coaches for giving us this great opportunity. – Alex Grant