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Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp – Day 6

Time Trial efforts we had a Thursday with more stunning views of enormous fields of avocados and oranges!

Once again there were some very solid efforts by all the riders. Unfortunately our good fortune of the previous day (30 km of tailwind to end the ride) was  reversed today and we had to battle our way back to Ventura in a pretty stiff headwind. Still another good ride, with up to 110 km for some. We finally got down to the beach for some post ride cold water therapy, that should help the legs for Friday!

3 More big rides to go!

Today’s ride consisted of 3 Time Trial efforts at 10km, 6km and 4km plus another 75km of solid riding past a neighboring town called Santa Paula. The sun was out but we had a pretty big headwind throughout our ride that managed to find us almost everywhere we went. Towards the end of the ride I was feeling pretty cracked! Let it be a lesson that while riding in the heat with half finger gloves… use sunscreen on your fingers. To say the least they are burnt… but hey, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”! My hands are currently covered in Aloe Vera (my new found favorite thing on earth). Once we got back home and got some food into us we finally went down to give the beach a visit, a little cold for swimming but we tried! thanks again to Cycling BC and all of the sponsors for making this trip possible! And thank you sooo much to the coaches Steve and Jeff for putting up with 8 awesome girls! you guys rock. –¬†Tarryn Cote

We started off today with three Time Trial efforts. We started with the longest which was 10km. the next one we did was 8km, which was by far the favorite, because we had gone up this road that was slightly uphill, so the effort was done coming back down the road which made us feel like we were flying! We then did a 4km interval into Santa Paula where we stopped to refuel at the van before heading out for a relatively flat 40km loop.We went out from Santa Paula up the road that took us to the canyons a few days ago, and then turned into Filmore. We then came back along the high way that was a little to bumpy for some peoples liking. This afternoon saw our first outing to the beach, where only one of us was brave enough to go all the way into the water. Thank you to all the sponsors who made this camp possible. This is an experience that will help us achieve our goals in the upcoming race season.
– Brenna Pauly