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Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp – Day 7

Friday was another stellar southern California day! Today we went full speed and raced 6 mini races which tested everyone’s tactics, speed and endurance. The girls absolutely hammered on the road back into Ventura, a very impressive show of speed and skill!
Today was a hard day. We did little races along a nice quite road. One of the races we had we saw two coyote’s chasing a roadrunner. We also did a drill where we were in teams and had to chase down a break. Thank you to all the sponsors and coaches for this amazing opportunity. – Alexandra Grant

Today is the 7th day of riding completing about 78 km, the ride was not as long due to the big ride planned for Saturday. The ride focus today was mock races doing 6 of them. We started the first one with a break away group and chase group, even had a random cyclist join the break away group. We had an uphill finish for one of them…ouch. The most interesting one was when we saw 2 coyotes crossing the road, good thing we didn’t hit them on our way down. Being tired enough on the way back, Steve decided to throw in some surprise attacks just to make sure we were still awake. Once again thank you because this wouldn’t be able to happen without all the amazing coaches and sponsors. – Sophie DeBoever