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Cycling BC Warm Weather Camp – Final Day

Another Bluebird day in Ventura! Not sure if every one was tired, or just bummed to be going home but it was a quieter than usual ride today. After yesterday’s epic ride it took more than a few kms for the legs to come around and the head wind didn’t help! We ended up doing a nice 80 km loop with a pit stop in the sun at Ojai. But the ride finished with a tail wind just before our finish hill, so it was a good day.

In conclusion:

  • 9 rides, close to 800 km;
  • tons of climbing;
  • a few sprints
  • mock races
  • a few TTs
  • lots of smiles and laughs, a great camp!


Today was our ninth and final day of the camp. It saw us do an 80 km loop from our house to Santa Paula, then up to Ojai and back into Ventura. We took a quick break for smoothies in Ojai to refuel for the ride home. At the start of the ride there were some tired legs from our epic ride yesterday, but by the end everyone was happy to be out, and set to climb the hill up to our house one last time. Thank you to all of the sponsors that made this camp happen, this experience has given us the chance to get in a solid block of training in warm weather that will give us an advantage in the upcoming race season. – Brenna Pauly