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Future Champs Camp – Day 4

Day four of the camp saw riders split into two groups to tackle Apex Mountain.  Riders had the opportunity to meet and ride with Tim Ambercrombie and learn a little more about pacelines and high speed drafting.  In the afternoon the kids had a chance to help out with the Piccolo Fondo (kids aged 2-12) before heading over to the conference hall to hear a great chat from Laura Brown on her journey to the Olympics and Sofi Leroux’s presentation on Sponsor appreciation.

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 4.29.23 PM

“Coming from a track cycling background it was great to have Laura Brown come in and tell us about her journey to the 2012 Olympics.”

– Adam Reddy

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“Its inspiring for me to see the next generation of BC’s best!”

– Cody Campbell

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“It was very motivating to meet such inspirational people this week, Ron Hayman, Evan Guthrie and Laura Brown.  It’s incredibly motivating as I begin my journey as a cyclist.”

– Kelty Slaney

Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 4.30.41 PM“I loved seeing all the young kids enjoying riding their bikes at the Piccolo Fondo – huge smiles!”

– Seamus Benwell