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Athlete Training Tip: Nic Hamilton

image2014 Commonwealth Games rider, Nic Hamilton’s cycling career has come a long way since he started riding a beat up old mountain bike in college. With a passion for overcoming obstacles and a talent for hill climbs, Hamilton’s message to cyclists who want to improve their skills is clear: no excuses!

“Try to recognize and eliminate the barriers that prevent you from doing what you ultimately want to do with your training. For me, this means having my equipment in good working order and the necessary weather systems dialed (good rain gear and fenders already on my bike). By addressing this as well as other similar items my list of excuses dwindles and despite being tired I can still get the work done without giving way to excuses. These strategies could be things you do or even things you do not do. Have a good rip!” –Nic Hamilton

Watch for Nic Hamilton a the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow July 28th– August 3rd.

Photo: Courtesy of Nic Hamilton