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TaG Cycling Announces 2016 Youth Race Team

TaG Cycling welcomes the addition of an impressive team of cadets and juniors to their youth team for 2016. This new young team is being mentored by the experienced team of coaching talent at TaG led by Ben Chaddock and Matt Barth.

In 2010, Cycling Olympians Lesley Tomlinson, Gina Grain and Chrissy de Vall joined forces to create TaG Cycling. In the past 6 years, TaG has built a group of accomplished riders from the sport and developed an enviable team of coaches, featuring international, national and provincial racers, leading new cycling enthusiasts riding with TaG.

TaG Cycling Youth was founded in 2012. The mission is to recruit, develop and mentor talented young cyclists through a specifically targeted program, with the goal of preparing the athletes to continue in the sport at an elite level. In three short years the team has become a forceful riding group who have learned team work and discipline, and have also achieved an impressive set of results. The TaG Junior Men team won the National Team Pursuit in 2014, continuing with their success into 2015, winning the BC Premer Series, Provincial Crit Championships, and a win at the Tour de Delta and Enumclaw.

This coming year, TaG has grown with new recruits and is now focussed on building a four year plan. TaG Cycling provides coaching direction, an indoor training facility, and support throughout the season at races. TaG also provides the Junior and Espoir riders work opportunities with the company, in TaG studios and at camps and clinics. This enables them to earn and support their racing while learning valuable work and social skills. The goals of the team are aligned with those of the provincial and national team programs for progression to National and World Championships.

TaG Cycling 2016 Youth Race Team

Junior Women (U19)

Maggie Coles Lister (Maple Ridge)
Claire Armstrong (Vancouver)
Stephanie denRoche (Whistler)
Sophie Vogel Nakamura (Vancouver)
Julia Long (Whistler)

Cadet Men (U17)

Conor Martin (Kelowna)
Ben Katerberg (Comox)
Isaac van der Vliet (Comox)
Evan Russel (Vancouver)
Tyler Davies (Vancouver)
Skyler Beauregard (Whistler)

Junior Men (U19)

John Wilcox (Victoria)
Cam Fitzmaurice (Vancouver)
Mark Grant (Victoria)
Matan Guttman (Vancouver)
James Grant (Victoria)

Espoir Men (U23)

Zayne Heyes
Max Kelsch
Rowan Morris
Emile Vogel Nakamura
Max Duso