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Race Etiquette

With a new racing season upon us, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs with a few reminders about race etiquette.

At the end of all races, when you cross the finish line, keep going.

Do not stop suddenly, swerve or worse of all – do a U-turn. There are other racers right behind you, and any sudden unexpected movements may results in serious injury to yourself and others.

That’s because the finish area is sacred ground.

Once you have finished the race, do not cross back over the finish line. This creates problems for race timing, and may disqualify your results.

If you have questions for the finish line officials…

Wait until your heart has stopped pounding, and make sure that you are not preventing them for doing their jobs – they are present to make sure the results are accurate and that the race is run more smoothly and safely.

Show your club or team the love they deserve.

Make sure you have a clean racing team/club jersey for the podium. Always be prepared – you may be stepping up to represent your club, team, and supporters on the podium. We know you’re proud to race for your team, so be sure to show it.

Photo by Scott Robarts.