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Cycling BC update on disc brakes in road events

There have been a number of comments recently regarding our announcement that we would not immediately fall in line with the UCI and Cycling Canada, with their blanket ‘no use’ policy regarding disc brakes in road races. We have been in dialogue with Cycling Canada to see if there isn’t a way to allow the provinces to regulate the use of disc brakes for new and youth riders. It is worth mentioning that we were told by Cycling Canada that we are the only PSO attempting to create this precedent. We feel it’s our duty as an organisation to do our absolute best to represent the interests of our members, to look at all sides, and to try to find a working policy that helps us build one of our cycling disciplines. It is equally important that you, as members, are aware of our efforts.

We have heard from many people with articulate and well-thought-out comments, both supporting and criticizing our decision, and we thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Others chose to go public with criticism that selects only some of the facts and lacks perspective. If you would like a reply, please write to us directly.

This post is meant to inform you of everyone’s efforts and to remind you that we are all on the same team. This past weekend, Race the Ridge was the first road event to operate following the Cycling BC announcement and aside from the unfortunate delays as a result of the commissaires’ decisions to not participate in portions of the event, the weekend was a success. We saw youth and new riders participate in the event, who otherwise would have been turned away.

For those following the matter, please note that an article appeared yesterday on, stated that the UCI will restart disc brake trials in June.

We hope that our current members will work with us to build a legacy we can all be proud of. As members of Cycling BC, we have a common goal – to elevate the sport of cycling and to broaden its participation at all levels – which will only be accomplished through joint effort and cooperation, essential if we are to keep building our sport.

Please know that we will continue to monitor developments, to work on behalf of all members of Cycling BC, and are doing our best to ensure that the sport of cycling will continue to grow in the province of British Columbia.