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Current Status of Road Races & Disc Brake-Equipped Bikes

Cycling BC is continuing to work collaboratively with key stakeholders, including Cycling Canada, local race organizers, officials, coaches, and clubs, to find a solution for everyone concerned with the issue of disc brakes.

On June 13, the Cycling BC-instituted grace period will expire. Until that date, Cycling BC will be allowing individual race organizers to determine whether or not to allow disc brakes in their respective events. Race organizers in particular have many stakeholders to consider – including municipalities, event sponsors, technicians, officials, riders, and volunteers, all with varying requirements and levels of risk tolerance. For information on whether or not a race you are participating in will be enforcing these regulations before June 13th, please get in touch directly with the organizer of the event.

For BC Championship events enforcing the Cycling Canada/UCI ban on disc brakes, race organizers and Cycling BC will work together with those affected to gain access to bikes without disc brakes, so that this is not a barrier to participation in these events. This is an isolated decision regarding BC Championships, in order to bring the community together on what has at times been a divisive issue. Cycling BC will otherwise retain ownership of all rules and regulations with respect to BC Championship events.

If you are planning to participate in the BC Criterium Championship event, to take place at the Robert Cameron Law Cycling Series Russ Hays/Accent Inns Grand Prix on June 5, and do not have a caliper brake-equipped bike for this event, please get in touch with us so that we can find a solution together. Impacted racers who are registering may contact the race organizer at or Cycling BC at to inquire about options – we will endeavor to assist racers in locating substitute bikes.

The UCI and Cycling Canada rules regarding disc brakes have always been the same, in that disc brakes have never been allowed in road competitions. The UCI chose to test the safety of disc brakes in the pro peloton, and later suspended this testing. It then came to light that clubs, organizers, and riders had interpreted this action by the UCI as meaning that regulations had been changed for road events, when in fact they had not.

Because of this, Cycling BC has instituted a grace period, allowing riders time to adjust and align themselves with the rules governing competitive road cycling. As it stands today, after June 13th, all sanctioned competitive road events must follow the rules and regulations set out by Cycling Canada. Cycling BC will continue to work on your behalf regarding club activities and events. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.