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Athlete Spotlight: Ben Katerberg

Ben Katerberg on his bikeBen Katerberg is a second-year junior road cyclist riding for the TaG Cycling racing team. While Ben currently only rides on the road, he is looking forward to spending more time riding cyclocross this fall (just for fun). Ben’s young career in cycling is highlighted by his Stage 2 solo victory at Le Tour de la relève internationale de Rimouski in 2016. As a newcomer to the sport at the time, it was an unexpected result and something he will never forget.

Cycling BC recently had a chance to connect with Ben to ask him a few questions about his cycling life.

Cycling BC: When did you start racing?
Ben: I transitioned from soccer to cycling in 2014 and started racing full time in 2016.

Cycling BC: Why do you race?
Ben: I race to push my limits. I have the type of personality that likes to push harder every single time which can make cycling quite addictive to me.

Cycling BC: What has been your proudest moment in cycling so far?
Ben: Winning the overall classification at Le Tour de la releve internationale de Rimouski.

Cycling BC: What are your aspirations in cycling?
Ben: I would love to start a professional career in the next few years and travel as much as I can.

Cycling BC: What’s a challenge you face as a competitive athlete?
Ben: The struggle of finding new and exciting things to eat :).  I find myself eating the same things over and over again.

Cycling BC: How much time do you commit to training?
Ben: As much as is on the training plan and maybe just a little bit more.

Cycling BC: What is your favourite food?
Ben: Ooh, right now it has to be a Thai chicken wrap with spicy peanut sauce but if you asked me again in three days it will probably be something different.

Cycling BC: What have you learned about yourself through cycling?
Ben: To never underestimate myself… I always have more to give and can push a little harder.

Cycling BC: What’s one piece of advice you would give to younger riders?
Ben: Have fun! Ride hard, train hard, but always have fun!

Cycling BC: Do you have a favourite inspirational quote, book, movie or song?
Ben: “Send or be sent”

Cycling BC: Who are some of your role models and why?
Ben: I look up to Nigel Ellsay. He always seems to have everything in check and is really fast on his bike. I always look to others for inspiration and wisdom. I am very lucky to be surrounded by great people who help me along the way.

Cycling BC: Any final thoughts?
Ben: A huge thank you to Nigel Ellsay and Richard Wooles for helping me with my training plan and always pointing me in the right direction. I’d also like to throw out a huge thank you to the whole cycling community including race organizers, volunteers, and fellow riders – You guys rock!


Ben has been training hard for the past three-and-a-half years and is now ready to take his racing to the next level. He has recently finished secondary school and has the opportunity to race and train in France this March and April 2018. Later this year, Ben is looking to race in the National Road Championships, Crit & TT Championships, and Le Tour de Abitibi where he will need to ride hard to earn his spot on the national team and race in the 2018 UCI World Championships in Austria. In the meantime, this current trip to France will offer Ben a very high level of racing and act as a crucial stepping stone to making it on to a  professional team.

You can help Ben pursue his dream of becoming a professional cyclist by visiting his GoFundMe page and contributing to his trip to race in France this season.