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#HeadstrongCanada – Concussion Management in Sport

Concussions are a serious risk for athletes in any sport. A concussion is more than just a headache or a temporary loss of cognitive ability — it’s an invisible injury that can result in permanent brain damage if not treated correctly. But with proper identification and management, concussions are also treatable.

The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC), along with many National and Provincial Sports Organizations across the country are raising awareness of Sport Canada and Health Canada’s Canadian Guideline of Concussion in Sport through the #HeadstrongCanada campaign.  The goal is to help athletes with a suspected concussion receive timely, appropriate care so they can get better and return to what they love best: sport.




Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport (PDF)

Concussion Guide for Athletes (PDF)

SIRC’s online hub can help coaches, parents and athletes learn how to treat a concussion so injured players can get back in the game safely.